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1. Read the passage and decide whether the sentences are true (T) or false (F). Circle T or F.
     Nowadays, teenagers seem to be too busy with their study to afford a hobby. However, if you have a little spare time, it is advisable to have a hobby because of the emotional, mental and physical benefits it brings. Focusing on an activity that you like will help you relieve stress and pressure from your schoolwork. Additionally, spending time with people of similar interests will enable you to make friends more easily. This helps improve your communication skills and promote teamwork. Taking up a hobby can be a real challenge, but it is not the type of stressful challenge coming from school. Instead, challenging yourself to do a skill that you like will bring satisfaction and pride.
1. Each teenager should have a hobby if they have time. T F
2. Focusing on a hobby will make you feel really stressed. T F
3. Having a shared interest helps you to communicate better. T F
4. The challenge from having a hobby is the same as that from school. T F
5. You can feel proud when trying to do a skill that you are interested in. T F
2. Read the passage. Circle A, B or C to answer each question or complete each sentence.
     The Peace Corps is one of the most famous organisations in the world that help people. This organisation was founded in 1961 by the former US President John Kennedy.                              
     People working in this organisation are called volunteers. They are both men and women. They live and work in other countries for two years at a time. They share skills with people to help solve challenging problems in developing countries.                                                                                               
     Peace Corps volunteers work as teachers at schools. They also help communities to protect their environment and prevent the spread of diseases. They also help farmers grow more food efficiently.
     Peace Corps volunteers build bridges of cross-cultural understanding with people of other countries. They help people from other countries learn more about who they are. Peace Corps volunteers also bring home with them better understanding of other peoples and cultures.
1. What can be the best title for the passage?
  A. The Efforts of the Peace Corps
  B. A John Kennedy's Creation
  C. Building the Bridge Between Cultures
2. The Peace Corps ______.
  A. work only inside the US
  B. is a famous organisation in the world
  C. was founded for profit
3. Peace Corps volunteers ______ in developing countries.
  A. take away the food of the farmers
  B. help solve problems
  C. stop the spread of peace
4. One example of the efforts of the Peace Corps volunteers is to ______ in foreign countries.
  A. share skills with people
  B. teach farmers
  C. build bridges
5. The word they in paragraph four refers to ______.
  A. people of other countries
  B. cross-cultural bridges
  C. Peace Corps volunteers
1. Write a short paragraph (70-90 words) to describe a health problem you had.
Use the following questions as cues:
- What was the problem?
- What might be the reason for it?
- What did you do to feel better?
2. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first. Use the word in brackets. You do not need to change the word.
  Here is an example.
0. The bookshop is opposite the library.
  _________________________ a bookshop opposite the library. (THERE)
  Answer: 0. There is
To me painting and drawing are the same.
I think __________________________________________. (DIFFERENT)
We watched the same film tonight and last night.
The film tonight __________________________________________. (SAME)
I can’t tell the difference between his drawing and hers.
I __________________________________________. (SIMILAR)
The exhibition is not very busy today compared to yesterday.
The __________________________________________. (AS)
The graffiti is much more complicated than I thought.
The graffiti __________________________________________. (NOT)
-- The end --

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