Đề cương ôn tập Tiếng Anh 9 - Số 1

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                        Date: 19 February 2020
I. From each number, pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. butter   B. put   C. sugar   D. push  
2. A. great   B. bread   C. break   D. steak  
3. A. weight   B. height   C. eight   D. vein  
4. A. too   B. food   C. soon   D. good  
5. A. would   B. about   C. round   D. out  
6. A. enough   B. cough   C. though   D. rough  
7. A. few   B. sew   C. knew   D. new  
8. A. chooses   B. houses   C. rises   D. horses  
9. A. suit   B. seven   C. sugar   D. sun  
10. A. accurate   B. accept   C. accident   D. success  
II. From each number, pick out one word which has the stress on the first syllable.
11. A. authority B. development C. competition D. capacity
12. A. award B. enroll C. music D. below
13. A. champion B. matches C. direct D. famous
14. A. colorful B. summary C. similar D. impressive
15. A. economics B. philosophy C. engineering D. preposition
16. A. biology B. absolutely C. photography D. geography
17. A. politics B. literature C. chemistry D. statistic
18. A. profitable B. reliable C. dependable D. forgettable
19. A. likeable B. oxygen C. museum D. energy
20 A. apology B. stupidity C. generously D. astronomy
III. Choose the word or the phrase or sentence that best completes each unfinished sentence below or that best keeps the meaning of the original sentence if it is substituted for the underlined word or phrase.(40points)
21. _________ air is one of the many problems we have to solve.
A. Pure            B. Polluted        C. Dust        D. Pleasant
22. I’ll be in trouble if I _________my passport.
A. lose             B. will lose                  C. lost         D. would lose
23. We can eat at home or, ________ you prefer, we can go to a restaurant.
A. when            B. whether                 C. if             D. which
24. If it is raining this evening, I_________.
A. will go out      B. don’t go out    C. go out         D. won’t go out
25. Minh’s English is excellent. He speaks________.
A. perfectly English    B. English perfectly     C. perfect English   D. English perfect
26. I’m disappointed _________ people have spoiled this area.
A that                    B. when              C. if         D. how
27. He ________ to find a job but he had no luck.
A. hardly tried       B. hard tried      C. tried hardly      D. tried hard
28. We couldn’t go on a picnic as planned __________ it was raining.
A. however              B. but                 C. because          D. so
29. If he ________ hard today, can he have a holiday tomorrow?
A. works                B. will work          C. worked            D. would work
30. ________we were tired, we sat down beside the stream.
A. Because of      B. If                       C. As                   D. And
31. He _________to find a job, but he had no luck.
A. tried hard         B. hardly tried       C. tried hardly      D. try hardly 
32. Solar energy doesn’t cause __________.
A. pollution           B. polluted            C. pollute             D. pollutant
33. Are you looking forward ___________   my letter?
A. to see              B. to seeing           C. saw                 D. seeing
34. "___________” means a piece of land full of rubbish.
A. junkyard           B. treasure           C. hedge               D. stream
35. Dynamite _________   many years ago.
A. has invented    B. invented           C. was invented     D. were invented
36. Mary said to me "can you speak English?”
In reported speech the sentence will be:
She asked me _________
A. if I can speak English            B. if I could speak English.
C. If can I speak English           D. If I could speak English?
37. I live very far from school. I wish________
A. I lived far from school.    B. I lived close to school.  I live near the school now.          
D. I don’t live very far from school
38. If he __________ hard today, can he have a holiday tomorrow?
A. works               B. will work              C. worked         D. would worked
39. Because there _________ no buses, we had to take a taxi.
A. are                    B. is                        C. was              D. were
40. We plan to ________ this Saturday.
A. go hiked            B. go hiking            C. go to hike     D. go hike
41. I’ll have to buy a map _________ I don’t know this area.
 A. if                       B. because             C. when           D. because of
42. It is recommended that he __________ this course.
A. took                   B. take                    C. take             D. taking
43. He’s running so fast. I __________ catch up with him.
A. cannot hardly    B. can hardly          C. not hardly    D. could hardly
44. It is important that he _________ take the final examination.
A. has to                B. have to               C. had to        D. having to
45. I will be __________if she manages to sell that motorbike at a high price.
A. surprised          B. surprise              C. surprising .   D. to surprise
46. Unless you understand. I __________ explain it again to you
A. am                   B. was                         C. will.              D. would
47. If you know where she lives, please let me__________
A. know               B. knew                   C. known          D. to know'
48. If he ______ a student, he would get a discount.
A. were               B. was                     C. were             D. will be
49. ______ you are interested in this film, don't go to see it at any cost.
 A. Unless           B. If                         C. Because      D. So
50. If you like that book. I will give it______you as my present.
A. to                  B. from                      C. at          D. for
IV. Complete the sentences with because/ as/ since/ if/ when, or so.
1. We decided to go out to eat _______ we had no food at home.
2. He has a very important job  _______ he is particularly well-paid.
3. Can I borrow that book  _______ you’ve finished it?
4. No one was watching the television  _______ I switched it off.
5. _______ she changed a lot, we didn’t recognize her.
6. _______ you’ve ready, we can start now.
7. I’m going away for a few days, I’ll phone you  _______ I get back.
8. You should inform the police  _______ your bicycle is stolen.
9. Mathew went to bed  _______ it was too late to go out.
10. _______ you drive without driving license, you’re breaking the law.
11. ________the weather was bad, they delayed their trip.
12. He will buy a new car _______ he saves up.
13. I can’t drive fast _______ the street is very crowded.

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